Our Story

Redefining the values of fashion through sustainable manufacturing and thoughtful design since 2018.

Our company was inspired by the bubbly outlook that our muse, Ms Gloria Jean Riley (1943 - 2020), constantly maintained. A powerful mother and even more so grandmother, she fell ill in 2015 with dementia. It's our hope that she'll forever live on and keep bringing magic and joy to people through the brand. With each piece you collect, a percentage of profits will go to the further study of this disease. 


Our pieces are crafted in our Australian studio. We value supporting creatives where this has been passed down from generation to generation, keeping the original jewellery tradition and respect alive. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by our small intimate team of 3, Each piece is dreamed up and created just for you.
We believe our team are our family and that's why we keep supporting family run and owned businesses to help bring a little magic back to the world.

Our Planet

We are creating a positive shift in the fashion industry by walking the walk - actively minimising our carbon footprint, using only in-house artisans to create our pieces. We manufacture in small runs to avoid waste and sell for demand instead of aiding over saturation on the market. We also have carbon neutral delivery and recycled packaging. We use 925 recycled sterling silver when we can with our pieces and give dead stock another life whenever it's necessary. We invite you to join the fight and help us to create a positive ripple to redefine the norms of fashion.