Care Info

A keepsake made to last.


Each of our precious pieces is born from a place of love, meticulously forged from the finest materials to ensure enduring beauty and exceptional quality. We treasure the opportunity to create jewellery that will become a part of your life story, and we want them to bring you joy for years to come. To help you maintain their brilliance and charm, we offer these heartfelt care and cleaning guidelines.

To safeguard their allure, we kindly advise avoiding contact with perfumes, lotions, and similar substances that could hasten the oxidisation process. Treat them with tenderness, using a soft cloth to clean them gently. Avoid vigorous rubbing to preserve their delicate essence.

When they're not gracing your neck or adorning your ears, we encourage you to store these cherished pieces in their box or pouch. Doing so will safeguard them from any unwanted scratches, ensuring they remain as radiant as the day they entered your life.

We want you to cherish these treasures forever, and by following this care routine, you'll ensure their longevity. While our hearts are filled with love as we create each piece, please understand that we are unable to provide warranty coverage for pieces that haven't been lovingly cared for as advised.



Any of our pieces still covered under their warranty period can avail this prestigious service, lovingly brought to you by our skilled artisans.

For those precious JR pieces beyond the warranty period, we remain devoted to their continued beauty. You can now access our re-plating and repair service through a simple email to us our purchase via our E-shop. We'll be thrilled to breathe new life into your cherished jewellery and restore them to their former glory.



Every piece of jewellery we create is a labor of love, crafted meticulously from 925 sterling silver and adorned with the rich radiance of 18 or 24k gold vermeil. Let us share the captivating tale behind this historical 18th Century French method - a splendid process of electroplating high karat gold over sterling silver. This artistry is what defines vermeil, ensuring that our jewellery meets exceptional standards.

Unlike standard plated jewellery, which often uses various base metals without minimum depth, our vermeil pieces are extraordinary. They can only have sterling silver as the base metal, a minimum of 14k gold purity, and a layer of gold that must be at least 2.5 microns thick. This commitment to quality guarantees unparalleled excellence, making each piece truly remarkable.

At Jean Riley jewellery, we are deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As part of our design process, 80% of our silver is recycled, reflecting our efforts to weave sustainability into every aspect of our artistry.

Beyond our remarkable vermeil collection, we also offer bespoke services, allowing you to embrace a world of elegance with 9ct or 14ct gold. Each molten piece is uniquely handcrafted in our Australian studio, infused with passion and artistry that transcends time.