Friendly grocer glass jewellery by Jean Riley jewellery

Everything founder Jean Riley makes is glass-blown, ethical, and the fact that their creations are delicate works of art are the cherry on top.

- Vogue Australia

  • Sustainability

    Our pieces are crafted between our Sydney glass studio & our Indonesian molten team. We value supporting creatives where this has been passed down from generation to generation, keeping the original jewellery tradition and respect alive.

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  • Our story 🌶️

    Our company was inspired by the bubbly outlook that our muse, Ms Gloria Jean Riley (1943 - 2020), constantly maintained. A powerful mother and even more so grandmother, It's our hope that she'll forever live on and keep bringing magic and joy to people through the brand.

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  • Our mission

    We are creating a positive shift in the fashion industry by walking the walk - actively minimising our carbon footprint, using only ethical artisans to source our pieces. We manufacture in small runs to avoid waste and sell for demand.

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