Our planet

This beautiful planet we call home is facing a very real and very frightening future, and much of the fashion industry isn't helping. We aren't here to make you feel bad for using a plastic cup or to tell you what to do, because we as a brand believe in taking one step at a time; but changing out to a recycled or ethical version of something is just the start. Our Earth is what makes us who we are and without it we would be nothing but shiny little jewels and gems floating through space with no one to love us.

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We are constantly looking for more ways to eliminate one use products. We currently supply biodegradable boxes and ethically produced linen bags to ensure your piece is as safe and sustainable as the environment we're working towards. We are happy to announce the launch of the Terracycle program with It's Jean Riley. Although your mail satchels are already recycled paper, you can now send them back to our HQ to continue the cycle. 

What happens to the waste?

TerraCycle reuses, upcycles and recycles waste instead of incinerating it or contributing to landfill. This moves waste from a linear system to a circular one, allowing it to keep cycling with minimal waste and damage to the environment.

How can I recycle my postbag?

Easy! we have provided a return address if you would like to be apart of the movement. 


Recycled Metals

Coming in 2019

It's Jean Riley is excited to announce the launch of the Recycled Metal Movement! In the coming new year we will be adding a far more sustainable way of parting with your old or unwanted (Impossible to imagine, we know) It's Jean Riley pieces.

All you have to do is send us back any pieces you may have fallen out of love with and they will be processed and sent to our manufacturer to melt down to then create some brand new its Jean Riley pieces. One small step but a step is a step, right? Right!



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