All our pieces are handmade and moulded, please understand any traits or differences are due to the personal touch of our brand.  hand assembled & produced right here in our Australian studio.


Our collection is based on Gold Vermeil & 14k solid gold ensuring the best quality we can offer. Due to the nature of our products we suggest you follow our clean & care routine listed below.



1. The Vermeil or Gold jewellery you wear must not be sprayed with perfume or any other sprays. Perform this task before putting on the jewellery so that the chemicals contained in the perfume or spray would not contaminate the metal of the jewellery.


2. The gold plated necklace, ring or bracelet must only be put on after the cream or lotion you have applied has been absorbed by your skin or has dried.


3. Tarnishing of the plated or metal jewellery can be easily caused because of reaction taking place with materials like perfume, oil, nail polish, chlorine and nail polish remover. Sweat can cause this problem too, therefore it is necessary to remove such jewellery items when swimming or exercising.


4. Remove any dirt or dust that might have stuck to the jewellery after every use by cleaning it with a soft cloth or a cotton ball. You can restore the shine to the gold-plated jewellery as well by rubbing its surface with a soft jewellery cloth.


5. Don’t make use of antibacterial soaps or jewellery cleaners for cleaning your gold-plated jewellery as chemicals present in them might tarnish it quickly.


6. Keep your gold vermeil jewellery in a separate jewellery box or place it in a soft cloth after cleaning to avoid any blemishes.


It's Jean Riley takes no responsibility to the miss use or lack of care with jewellery aftercare.