Journal: The Friendly Grocer Story

The Friendly Grocer Collection was born by a chance of fate at a jewellers.
We'd spent months dreaming about putting our own spin on some vintage glass chillies we got from Europe. Then we met our Artisan, we got to talking about jewellery things and found out she's a glass artisan? Felt like a sign - she was the perfect person to help us create our chillies. So we pitched her the idea of the collaboration and she ran with it.
It grew into the best kind of ritual. We could meet and dream about the pieces together and learn from each others' visions.
We got to learn about the magic of glass sculpting.
How it takes more than 24 hours of heating, cooling and love to get something made. That you make colours from adding oxides while it's blown. How meticulous the balance is to get the hue right each time.
Our iconic chillies were followed by every fruit under the sun (and even some breasts for Breast Cancer Awareness month!) until...
As it's taken off, we get to use our success to further that of a kind, powerful, creative woman. We get to invest in handmade, ethical goodness and such rich community. We love that.
The Friendly Grocer exists as an ode to what we love best - people.
Of stopping to pick up stock on our way to the markets on Sunday with a car full of friends. Of getting to hear amazing ideas from the people who are living and breathing our stock and infuse them into our designs
We hope you feel every bit of that magic and heart when you wear these pieces. We’d love to hear about the communities in your life that sparkle too.
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